"The Race 2420"

Musical Score for Animation


Orchestral composition for Para Productions Animation Studio’s 4½ minute animated film, "The Race 2420"



VR Sound Design


Sound design and audio production management for Legendary Phantasm project.




Songwriting and Improvisation

I've composed, performed, and improvised music with these friends for many years and feel fortunate to have such a talented musical community with whom to create. Here, on these tracks, I'm playing an assortment of Piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Organ and Synthesizer tracks.

photo by Joe Papeo

photo by Joe Papeo

A selection from Music (and Other Bad Habits), 2014


"F14," performed at Chez frank in Gowanus, Brooklyn in early 2015


Virtual Worlds

Game Music


Short pieces for a variety of projects emphasizing rapid prototyping, performances by Pittsburgh-based groups, organizations and individuals.

"Sed Stabilis" (translated: "Slow but steady") for the experimental video game, “The Rematch,” sung by the Yinzer Singers, and special guests Antonin Fusco, Catherine Chyu and Andrew O'Rourke.

Illustrations by Wenyu Wu

Yinzer Singers and guests

Yinzer Singers and guests


"Hippopotamus" featuring C Street Brass, for the VR game developed for Oculus Rift with Leap Motion motion-tracking.

Illustrations by Junghee (Ashley) Koo

C Street Brass

C Street Brass



"Happy" for electronic orchestra on the Jam-O-Drum platform.



"Awe" for an experimental Microsoft Kinect video game prototype.

Illustration by Jiawei Li

Illustration by Jiawei Li


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Banner photo captures a performance of, "Mediator," an ambisonic sound art and lighting piece, at The Hunt Library of Carnegie Mellon University. Seth Glickman: Experience Director; Adrienne Cassel: Sound Designer/Editor; Ticha Sethapakdi: Lighting Designer. 

Photo by: Ticha Sethapakdi